Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ava and Pip

Ava and Pip
by Carol Weston

Hardcover, 211 pages
Published March 4th 2014 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Ava and Pip are two very different sisters from an extremely "word nerd" family. Obviously, their parents particularly love anything palindromic, but other word play is often heard around their dinner table. Ava is the younger of the two and also more outgoing and social than her older, more emotional sister, Pip. Despite their differences they do love each other even if they don't always get along. Shy Pip, decides to throw a birthday party but her plans are thwarted by a new girl in town who happens to unknowingly throw an even bigger party the same night. Ava decides to take her writing skills and get revenge on Bea, the new girl and cause of Pip's latest emotional stress. Ava writes a story that thinly veils her animosity towards Bea. There are surprisingly results all around when everyone finds out the truth behind Ava's award-winning short story.  This is a wonderful book for girls in upper elementary and middle school. The characters are real in their emotions and actions with family and friends. I won't be surprised if I hear this title in the upcoming Newbery buzz.

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