Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Game On

Game On
Max Flash: Mission 1
by Jonny Zucker
illustrated by Ned Woodman
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published November 1st 2013 by Darby Creek Publishing
I received a free e-galley via NetGalley.

As a double-jointed son of magicians it is only natural that Max becomes part of the act with his escape abilities. He is a little surprised when he finds out his parents have an underground headquarters where they act as secret agents for an even more top secret agency, the DFEA. Max is now being asked to become an agent as well and is ready to head out on his first mission. He gets to battle monsters, race cars and live in the virtual world of computer games (think Tron) as he hunts down a rogue bad guy from a new game. Armed with awesome gadgets and his own unique abilities Max is the perfect kid for the job. This is the first in an action-packed intermediate series that will entertain readers, particularly boys, in the 2nd grade on up. This will also be a great choice for older but reluctant readers. The black and white illustrations throughout are well-done and add a graphic novel feel to the story.

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