Monday, January 27, 2014

Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery

A Goth Girl Mystery #1
by Linda Joy Singleton
Paperback, 257 pages
Published March 8th 2012 by Flux
From Goodreads:
 A new, darker paranormal mystery series from award-winning author Linda Joy Singleton—featuring popular goth girl Thorn from The Seer series

Thorn Matthews is a Finder, a person with the psychic ability to find things just by touching an object. The visions she gets from objects—events and memories—are what guide her to the things that need to be found.

When Thorn locates a mysterious locket, it leads to a shocking and grim discovery. Now she’s implicated in a crime and surrounded by people she’s just met at her new school, any one of whom could be hiding a terrible secret. To clear her name, Thorn reluctantly uses her music skills to enter a school talent competition, which she suspects is part of the killer’s cover. Could one of her new friends be a murderer?

My thoughts:
This was an interesting young adult mystery with a supernatural edge. However, I felt it a bit shallow at times - superficial might be a better term. It had potential to be deeper and more intense, but it just wasn't. Though I do know a certain group of girls that would appreciate it. I kind of liked Thorn's character, but I liked Jay's better. I didn't think much of any of the others. I liked it okay, but I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. I don't think I will be reading any others in the series. 

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