Friday, September 20, 2013

Burn Mark

Burn Mark
by Laura Powell

Hardcover, 416 pages
Published June 19th 2012 by Bloomsbury USA

Glory is a teenage witch who has just come into her powers. She and her great-aunt keep it a secret from the rest of the coven so she doesn't have to be registered with the British Inquisition. If that were to happen she would be bridled with iron cuffs so she couldn't practice her powers or she would have to work for the government. At the same time Lucas Stearne discovers he too has witch powers which really should be impossible. His father is a High Inquisitor, actually the Chief Prosecutor for the Inquisition. Having the fae blood is quite detrimental to the family who has held high office for generations. Lucas tries to redeem himself by entering Glory's family coven as a spy. The two inevitably have to work together to solve lots of suspicious happenings both current and from the past.

This takes place in an alternate history where witchcraft is part of life and governments are connected to Inquisitions. The covens are like mobsters and the inquisitors like the FBI and CIA - or the British equivalent of those.

I was totally fascinated by this premise. However the book was rather poorly edited - not just typos and grammatical errors. There were inconsistencies in character as well. Glory's character in particular was annoying whenever she was speaking. Her voice didn't feel real with all of her slang and poor grammar. Though some times it wasn't as noticeable. I wish she had spoken more normally all of the time. It just felt to me like the author was trying to force her to sound low-class and ignorant.

Overall I did like it enough to read the whole thing. If there is a sequel I might try it.

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