Thursday, May 9, 2013


by Sherri L. Smith

New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c2013.
Young adult sci-fi, dystopian, 324 pages.
Delta Fever has devastated the Gulf Coast after numerous devastating hurricanes. The area has been quarantined and walled off from the rest of the country. Despite the disease and the separation, people have survived and even in some cases flourished in the wasteland. The fever affects people differently depending on their blood type. Thus the people have segregated themselves into tribes for their health and protection. Certain tribes are more dangerous than others as they are insane from the illness and need fresh blood to stay alive. Other tribes are in danger as the hunted because they remain quite healthy despite having the fever in their system. Fen finds herself alone after an attack on her tribe. Well, not quite alone, she has a brand new baby whose blood has not been tainted with the fever. She is desperate to get her across the border into the Outer States where she can hopefully live a better life. As they traverse the dangerous terrain they are hunted, trapped, caught and escape at various times. To further complicate matters, they encounter a scientist from the other side who is trying to find answers and a cure for the Delta Fever. As they travel together Fen realizes she needs answers too, though she never knew she had questions.  

I love the cover, I love the idea and the characters were interesting. The ending was not my favorite because it made me cry. But at the same time I liked it because it was an actual ending, something that is rather rare in this genre.

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