Monday, March 25, 2013

The Whisper

The Whisper
by Emma Clayton
(sequel to The Roar)
New York : Chicken House, 2012
309 pages, paperback
juvenile science fiction

Mika and Ellie are reunited but they have been captured. They have to play along with the bad guy's plans in order to free all of the other children who are like them. In their adventures they will finally learn what is on the other side of The Wall. Is it what they have been told their whole lives? Is it worse? Or could it possibly be better than anything they could have expected? What will the siblings have to sacrifice in order to make things better?
This one was okay as far as sequels go. I didn't love it nor did I hate it. There is still a little too much preachy environmental stuff that doesn't mesh so well with the story.  However, there is a certain aspect to the sci-fi reader in me that liked bits and pieces of it. I do not know if I will read anymore if there are any.

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