Monday, March 25, 2013

The Perilous Gard

 The Perilous Gard
by Elizabeth Marie Pope
Illustrated by Richard Cuffari
New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Puffin Books, 1992
280 pages, juvenile historical fiction/fantasy

From the back cover:
"Because her sister Alicia sent an impulsive letter to Queen Mary, Kate Sutton, lady -in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth, has been exiled. Sent to Elvenwood, "the Perilous Gard," Kate is intrigued by the master of the isolated castle, Sir Geoffrey Heron, and his strangely silent brother, Christopher. Elvenwood is shrouded in secrets that no one will explain to Kate, so she sets out to find some answers on her own. But her curiosity almost kills her, for she stumbles upon the otherworldly province of the secret residents of the land around Elvenwood - the People of the Hill. And the People want to make Kate a slave for life."
 The Perilous Gard is full of exciting adventure, sweet romance, thrilling fantasy and a whole lot of mystery.
This is a great choice for fans of historical fiction and fantasy. Girls will most likely enjoy it the most as there are some romantic elements. And let me just say one more thing, the black and white interior illustrations add to the creepy factor of the book and the Elvenwood itself.

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