Monday, March 25, 2013

After the Rain

After the Rain
by Norma Fox Mazer
William Morrow, 1987
249 pages, paperback
young adult, realisitic drama

Rachel was a surprise child to her older parents. Her brothers are several years older and living lives of their own while Rachel is still in high school. At fifteen she is already a worrier, she worries about everything. As she struggles through typical teenage-girl emotions she reluctantly gets drawn into a closer relationship with her elderly grandfather. This at times complicates her life more but also allows her to see some things from a different perspective. As she gets to know her dying grandfather better, she is also getting to know herself better as well.
Oh how I wish young adult novels were still being written more like this! Mazer includes lots of issues in her book but they are dealt with in a more mature and realistic manner. There is no need for excessive swearing, abundant drug-use, detailed intimate relations between teens or all the political issues that seem to run rampant in today's teen literature. I didn't love After the Rain, but it felt more real to me than most books I read today.

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