Thursday, January 5, 2012

What did I read in 2011?

So despite the lack of posts on this blog, I really did read a lot of books this past year!
In fact, I read 2003 books!

806 picture books
423 Easy Readers
386 Children's Non-Fiction
81 Intermediate Chapter Books
73 Children's Comics/graphic novels
60 Children's Chapter Books
61 Young Adult Chapter Books 
98 Newbery Award Winners and Honors
15 grown-up books
Compared to last year, it is interesting to see how similar some of the numbers are.

I did okay with most of my goals from last year also. Here are the goals I had set for this year:

Make a huge dent in the Newbery list by reading two a week! I fell a little shy of my goal of 104, would have made it if I hadn't went on vacation at the end. I am so grateful for my little MP3 player that allows me to listen to lots of these on CD while I am working my other job. Not sure if I could get through some of these otherwise.
Read 2000 books in the entire year. I know I can do it, I was close this year. As I listed above, I did read over 2000 books (barely).
Be a better more regular blogger. I read so many that I want to blog, it just doesn't always happen.Obviously not so good on this one. I will try again this year. I did join Goodreads late in the year so was able to at least rate books and maybe give a quick blurb there.
Oh yeah, and read more "grown-up" books! (Yeah right!) I did more than double my number from last year.

If you are at all interested in what I read, feel free to click HERE.

Goals for 2012:
  • Read at least 2000 books again.
  • Blog two books each week. 
  • Read at least 20 grown-up books. (If anyone has any suggestions for me, please comment on this post).
  • Continue reading and reviewing for School Library Journal, Goodreads First Reads, and 
  • Read at least two Newbery a week. If I accomplish this, then I should be able to finish my goal of reading all Newberys in 2013.
  • Get at least twenty more followers for this blog so I can start doing giveaways and such. 
So Happy Reading in 2012 everyone!

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Raspberry said...

I love that they're 'grown-up' books. :)