Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Call for a New Alphabet

A Call for a New Alphabet
by Jef Czekaj
Watertown, MA : Charlesbridge, c2011
unpaged informative graphic novel (?)

The Letter X is quite discontent with his placement in the alphabet. He stirs up trouble and mischief in Alphabet City trying to rally the other letters to his cause. Eventually he contemplates (or has nightmares about) all the responsibility each letter has. He realizes that there is a purpose to everyone and that maybe he should be happy with who, and where, he is. The illustrations are hilarious, look closely at them as each letter sports several things that begin with that letter; for example "P" is a "pirate" in a "pool" and "B" has a "beard" and is wearing a "beanie" while "bouncing" a "ball". A fun and very informative book. So many grammar rules are covered that it could've been confusing, yet in this story-format it made learning fun and easy.

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