Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun
by David Macinnis Gill
young adult science fiction
340 pages
New York, NY : Greenwillow Books, c2010

Durango is the leader of a group of soldiers-for-hire on futuristic Mars. His checkered past has led him into some interesting predicaments. He usually tries to get the most bang for his buck, but sometimes his desire to do the right thing outweighs his desire for lots of money. Thus he accepts a dangerous job in a mining community for very little pay. His team thinks he is crazy but they are sworn to follow him. Of course, nothing goes as planned. His leadership skills and his teams loyalty are challenged at every turn. Will he prevail in the end? This was an interesting yet rather annoying read. It was interesting because I love pretty much anything and everything in the genre of teen futuristic fiction. It was annoying because I had a lot of questions about the history behind the government and the soldiers role in the workings of Mars. Lots of things were mentioned but not developed so I didn't feel I had a good grasp on the world. Some of the characters were appealing and there was plenty of action so I did read the whole thing. I might even be tempted to read the next one if it seems like the author might divulge more of the back story.

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