Tuesday, October 5, 2010

X Isle

X Isle
by Steve Augarde
post-apocalyptic teen fiction
477 pages
New York : David Fickling Books, 2010, c2009

There was a series of catastrophic storms that flooded most of the world, severing communications and food-supply lines. The only way to improve upon their situation and to get food in their stomach is to get passage to X Isle. Unfortunately the traders from the mysterious island only take teenage boys. Every time the trading ship comes to the mainland people crowd the shore with their most prized possessions trying to gain passage for their children to the safe haven of X Isle. Thanks to his father's amazing poker abilities, Baz is finally chosen. But is X Isle truly a better life for the boys? Will he ever see his father again? Strange and bizarre things are happening that cause Baz and the other boys to decide where their loyalties lie. Then they must decided to take action to improve their future.
I must say I was a tad disappointed with the middle section of this book. It improved and I did like the ending. A gripping storyline that just seemed to waver a bit around a rather goofy subplot. I also predicted another subplot that way actually catch some people by surprise but to me was rather annoying in its obviousness. Overall a good addition to my list of post-apocalyptic teen reads, but not my favorite. And I must say, I absolutely love the cover!

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Raspberry said...

Still debating on this one...our library isn't getting it, but perhaps one day on amazon it'll be a couple bucks and I'll grab it. :)