Monday, October 4, 2010

My Invisible Sister

My Invisible Sister
by Beatrice Colin & Sara Pinto
juvenile fiction
119 pages
New York : Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, 2010

Frank has moved too many times in too few of y ears. He is determined that this move be their last. If he could only get his sister on board then everything will be great. You see, his sister and her condition are the reason for so many moves. Elizabeth suffers from Formus Disappearus which causes her to be invisible. She is also a teen-ager which adds its own set of problems. As the siblings try to settle in they both make an lasting impression on the neighbors and their classmates. The parents play lesser roles in this short novel of sibling relations and coping with disabilities. The authors created their own rather silly problem for this book, yet any of a number of conditions could play out similarly. An entertaining story with a bit of a serious underlying message. Great for kids 4th -6th grade.

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