Monday, October 4, 2010

hold still

hold still
by Nina LaCour
young adult realistic fiction
229 pages
New York, N.Y. : Dutton, c2009

Caitlin and Ingrid were inseparable. They both shared a passion for photography and a similar sense of humor. Then Ingrid made a choice that forever split them apart. It became obvious that Caitlin didn't know Ingrid as well as she thought. When Ingrid took her own life, it became obvious that she had been hiding things from Caitlin. Devastated by her best friend's actions, Caitlin took several months to recover. Eventually she started going back to school and meeting new people. Then she decided to finally clean her messy room and found one of Ingrid's journals waiting for her. Reading the entries caused memories to burst forth for Caitlin, yet they also explained what Ingrid had been feeling those last few months. As with any novel with this subject matter, it was a hard book to read at times. However, the characters were realistic and the author didn't dwell only on the negativity. Depressing, but worth the read.

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Raspberry said...

I couldnt' even try this. I'm so sick of the new 'depressing' genre that's come out...I just can only handle so much of it.