Monday, August 9, 2010


Escape From Furnace 1
by Alexander Gordon Smith
teen horror/science fiction
273 pages
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2009

Alex Sawyer is a relatively harmless juvenile delinquent. He and his buddies like to steal the lunch money from the weaker kids at school. Then they move on to petty theft, breaking and entering unoccupied homes and taking whatever was lying about. Alex isn't necessarily happy about it, but doesn't think he is hurting anyone. He finally decides he is going to do one last job, only problem is, this one goes terribly wrong. Alex is convicted of a murder he didn't commit. He is sent to the terrifying prison for juvenile delinquents called Furnace. This underground facility is the brain-child of some mysterious benefactor. All male juvenile delinquents are sent deep underground and never seen again. The world of Furnace is brutal and disgusting, but there is no escape. At least that is what everyone tells Alex. As he tries to survive and retain a little bit of hope he never stops trying to think of a way out. Though is there really any life left for him on the outside? He is a convicted killer. The public has no idea what is really going on inside of Furnace. The strange creatures that bring fear to even the toughest of Furnace's inmates are the things from nightmares. A cliff-hanger of an ending means I will be looking forward to the sequel (in December)!


Raspberry said...

It was too much for me, I had to stop. It was too...brutal and violent and hopeless, and I jsut couldn't bear it. Was it really good then, or did you leave feeling a bit depressed?

Hirsche Family said...

I have had this book checked out since March (or maybe even February). I thought it sounded interesting, but I just kept putting it off because I wasn't sure I was in the mood for it. It is dark, grim, horrific, violent, etc. However, I did like it. The ending is a definite cliff-hanger so I will have to read the next one. The main character was able to awaken hope in a few others and this was nice to read, that in spite of their situation they didn't give up. But yes, overall a bit depressing and might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Raspberry said...

Ok...I'll give it another shot at some point...