Monday, August 16, 2010

dirty little secrets

dirty little secrets
by C. J. Omololu
teen realistic fiction
212 pages
New York : Walker & Co., 2010

Lucy can't wait to escape her claustrophobic home. Her mother is a skilled and compassionate nurse by day, but a filthy pack-rat and garbage collector by night. Lucy has to walk on eggshells to not offend her mother to keep the verbal abuse to a minimum. Miraculously she has a best friend who doesn't question the fact that she is never invited over. Now a potential boyfriend makes her desire for a normal life even greater. As her house full of secrets threatens to explode into the world, Lucy has to decide what to do to overcome her mother's hoarding ways.
I was completely fascinated by this book. There are numerous television shows currently showing about this very topic - people who are hoarders and the strange lives they lead. I am particularly intrigued by the episodes involving children who are trying to live a normal life and keep their own rooms spotless as an oasis in an otherwise cluttered and filthy lifestyle. Dirty Little Secrets was at once horrifying and heart-wrenching. Lucy was a fantastic character that was trying to make some lemonade from the abundant lemons in her life.

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Raspberry said...

I've waffled back and forth between reading this since on one level it sounds horrid and on another fascinating. :) But I think it's still on my TBR list.