Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Small Free Kiss in the Dark

A Small Free Kiss in the Dark
by Glenda Millard
teen adventure/drama
New York : Holiday House, 2010

Skip is full of plans. But will they work? He escapes from his foster home on the last day of school only to realize his great plan didn't cover where he was going to sleep at night. A homeless man, Billy, halfheartedly takes Skip under his wing. As Skip gets to know Billy he comes to think of him as family. Billy is supportive of Skip's artistic endeavors unlike his own father was. There routine existence is interrupted by that terrible thing called war. As the pair flee the burning city, their family grows. Skip strives to hold his new family close despite the devastation around them. And maybe this time his great plan will work and they will live happily ever after. While this is a story with a war in it, it is not a story just about war. It is about people, especially one young boy, becoming at peace with themselves and what the future could hold. Skip is an endearing character that I just wanted to hug. The characters contrast yet blend with each other so well that they feel quite realistic. A great story full of hope and love. Just a side note: the cover is not my favorite and doesn't really convey to me the depth of the story within.

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