Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Line

The Line
by Teri Hall
juvenile science fiction
219 pages
New York : Dial Books, c2010

Rachel leads a lonely life as the daughter of the housekeeper on The Property. She spends her time studying "official" government texts, hiding in the orchid greenhouse and searching online for stories about The Others who live Away on the other side of The Line. In fact pretty much all of her spare time is spent obsessing about Away. One day she discovers a recorded plea for help from the other side of The Line. She bravely steps forth to give aid to the unknown. Things start to spiral out of her control and she is faced with facts about her parents that she never dreamed of.
The futuristic Unified States is only vaguely described and I was a little confused about the back history that led to the creation of the Line. Initially the story seemed a little slow to take off, but I was fairly okay with this as it gave me a good understanding of the characters. Adversely, the end seemed a bit too rushed to me concluding quite abruptly. Obviously there is going to be a sequel, but such sudden endings aren't always the best. Certain aspects were predictable, but all in all, this was a decent futuristic sci-fi novel for elementary school-age kids. For an author's first novel this was good, but I definitely hope the sequel is better. 

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Raspberry said...

Yeah...I wasn't a huge fan. It had so much potential...