Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hotel Under the Sand

The Hotel Under the Sand
Kage Baker
juvenile fantasy adventure
180 pages
San Francisco, CA : Tachyon Publications, 2009

Emma suffers a tragic accident and ends up washing up on a sandy beach in a mysterious place. Surrounded by sand dunes she works hard to build herself a shelter out of other debris strewn on the beach. She meets a strange young man in a hotel uniform wandering around. He tells her the story of a grand hotel that is buried under the sand. The next day a miracle occurs and the hotel is uncovered during a vicious windstorm. If I were to tell you what happens next, it would completely ruin the story. All I can say is that there are ghosts, pirates, evil lawyers, an assortment of bizarre creatures and a rude little rich boy. An extremely strange and unrealistic story, yet magical enough to grab my interest.

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Raspberry said...

It sounds fun, although a bit like the book...shoot. The one about the adventures of Alex oh! And the Ironic Gentleman. The beginning is so promising and t hen it just gets way to weird. :)