Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cure

The Cure
by Sonia Levitin
young adult
science fiction
historical fiction
258 pages
San Diego, Calif. : Harcourt Brace, c1999

The year is 2407. Gemm 16884 is considered a deviant in his utopian society of Conformity, Harmony, and Tranquility and forced to choose between being recycled or undergoing a painful and mysterious cure. Having no desire to let go of life, he chooses the cure and finds himself living in Strasbourg, Germany. The year is 1348 and he is now a 16-year-old Jewish musician trying to survive the onset of the Black Death. He struggles to hold onto his faith and his family through very confusing times full of hatred and terror. How will this affect him when he is brought back to the future in his own time? Will he be cured or will he be even more deviant in his love of life and pursuit of joy? An amazing combination of my two favorite genres, science-fiction and historical fiction.

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Raspberry said...

huh. Not sure how I feel about the plot. did you like it?