Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Big Empty (series)

The Big Empty (series)
by J. B. Stephens
Razorbill 2004 & 2005
  1. The Big Empty
  2. Paradise City
  3. Desolation Angels
  4. No Exit
Half the world is dead, the other half is trying to survive. The government is trying to control everything. A group of teenagers are trying to follow some coded messages to a supposed safe haven somewhere in the northern part of the United States. Novo Mundum doesn't quite live up to their individual expectations. When life throws them in another direction they must test their loyalties to each other and their ideals. They find traitors and allies in extremely unexpected places.The end result was slightly disappointing to me, just a little anti-climatic. Otherwise, this is an interesting addition to the teen post-apocalyptic genre.

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