Friday, February 19, 2010


by Catherine Fisher
young adult fantasy/science fiction
442 pages
New York : Dial Books, 2010

Incarceron is a sealed prison; no one enters, no one leaves. At least that is what the prison would like you to believe. Legend has it that one inmate did escape, Sapphique, or The Nine-Fingered One. Finn doesn't remember his childhood except for the brief visions he has when he suffers one of his fits. Luckily Finn is now in possession of a strange crystal key. A beautiful young girl, Claudia, lives on the Outside. Her father is the warden of Incarceron. a job which takes all of his attention, leaving none for her. As Claudia seeks a way out of an arranged marriage she finds a strange crystal key as well. Through it she finds Finn and they realize that they can help each other out of their difficult situations. At least they hope to until Incarceron protests, proving it is a sentient being capable of its own thoughts and desires.

Catherine Fisher has outdone herself with this one. I have enjoyed everything I have read by her: Snow-walker, Oracle Betrayed (series), Corbenic, and Darkhenge. The premise of Incarceron is fascinating and the dynamic characters were captivating. I couldn't help but get caught up in their story. A fine book on its own, but left room for a sequel as well. There were a couple of things that were rather predictable, but I believe the author wanted the reader to know what was coming so it didn't really affect the story at all. A great mix of fantasy and science fiction that I would happy to own in my own collection.


Hirsche Family said...

I should have checked online first. Apparently a sequel was already published in the UK in 2008. So we will probably get it in a couple of years.

Raspberry said...

I LOVE that cover, don't you? But I must confess I tried it and couldn't get past the first few pages. The world felt too alien to me. Maybe I should give it another shot....