Monday, February 1, 2010

Damian Drooth Supersleuth: The Case of the Disappearing Daughter

The Case of the Disappearing Daughter
Damian Drooth Supersleuth #1
by Barbara Mitchelhill
ill. by Tony Ross
Intermediate Chapter Book
65 pages
Minneapolis : Stone Arch Books, 2007

Damian Drooth is a young Sherlock Holmes wanna-be. He is training himself in the art of  crime detection. He finally gets to truly test his skills while helping his mother's catering business on the set of a movie being filmed in his town. The director's daughter, Trixibelle, is kidnapped and Damian is quick to follow the clues. A fun new mystery series for beginning chapter book readers (1st and 2nd graders). Tony Ross' black and white illustrations add humor to the story.

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