Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roscoe Riley Rules

If I haven't already mentioned this series, take note now. Katherine Applegate (of Animorph fame) has created a realistic character that young kids (especially boys) can relate to.  Each entry in the series begins with Roscoe welcoming you to his time-out corner. He then proceeds to tell the story of just how he ended up there. He always gets into some scrape, but he always learns his lesson too. The text is written perfectly for beginning chapter book readers so kids 1st-3rd grade should be able to jump right in. The black and white illustrations by Brian Biggs are a perfect companion for the stories. As an added bonus, Roscoe provides a random 10-item list at the end of each book that relates to the story. This is definitley one of my very favorite intermediate chapter book series!

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