Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Escape the Mask

Escape the Mask
The Grasslands Trilogy: Book One
by David Ward
Young Adult SciFi/Fantasy
195 pages
New York : Amulet Books, 2008

Coriko only remembers life as a slave in Grassland. Day after day plucking Shards from the earth, night after night curled up in his cave with his mate, Pippa. Always fearing the silent Spears standing guard everywhere. Pippa has some memories of her life before slavery. She gives them both hope and faith in their future. Her prayers bind them together and give a purpose to their dismal existence. When things start changing in Grassland, Pippa and Coriko, along with four others jump at the chance for freedom. Life Outside is a huge unknown to these young people, yet they are willing to risk almost anything for a new and hopefully better life.
I love that the time and place of this series is vague. Grassland could be on Earth or a whole new planet we've never heard of. The time could be long ago in the past or it could be a possible far-distant future. A fabulous book in my favorite genre. A definite series to purchase for my personal collection.

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