Thursday, December 17, 2009

Raiders' Ransom

Raiders' Ransom
by Emily Diamand
Juvenile Fantasy/Science Fiction
334 pages
New York : Chicken House, 2009

   Great Britain in the 23rd century is considerably changed from its current state. The ocean has reclaimed a great portion of the land leaving tough survivors precariously clinging to existence wherever they can. Lilly lives in a fisher village with her Granny and Cat, a rare seacat vital to her fishing endeavors. Life is rough, and only gets more complicated when the Prime Minister's young daughter, Lexy, is kidnapped from her village while visiting her aunt. While Lilly is trying to rescue Lexy and stop a war between the English and the Raiders, she meets Zeph. A son of the Angle Isling Family Boss, Zeph is all about war and raiding. His encounter with Lilly and Lexy and Cat changes him a great deal.  There is conflict, broken promises and surprise alliances all around these young kids as they try to understand and survive in a hostile world.
   New author Emily Diamand, won the Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition in London for 2007. Deservedly so, I would have to say. I loved the chaotic world she created as a possible future. Her characters have depth and realistic idiosyncrasies. A sequel is definitely in the works and is welcome, as some plotlines were not resolved. However, it is enough of a finish not to leave you dangling for a year or more waiting to see what happens next. 

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