Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Littlenose the Hunter

Littlenose the Hutner
by John Grant
ill. by Ross Collins
122 pages
intermediate chapter book
London : Simon and Schuster, 2006

Littlenose acts like your typical young boy. He loves to pester his parents and gets into tons of mischief. However, he doesn't quite look like the average youngster we see today. For starters, he only wears furs. He is learning how to hunt and fish with the rest of the village boys. He lives in a cave with his mom and dad. He is a Neanderthal. Littlenose has lots of adventures involving fire, Bigfoot, fire, giant salmon, fire, and the dreaded Straightnose people! Read along to find out how he gets into and out of so much trouble! And maybe one of these days his mother will tell him not to play with flints!

Probably will be most popular with 2nd & 3rd grade boys, 1st-graders if they are pretty good readers.
This is first in a 6-book series.

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