Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gary the Pirate

Gary the Pirate
created and written by Scott Christian Sava
art by Tracy Bailey
110 pages
Juvenile Graphic Novel
San Diego, Calif. : IDW Publishing, c2009

Gary is a young resident of Pirate's Cove, a pirate haven in the sky. However, he is not a very good pirate. In fact he is quite clumsy and frequently incurs the wrath of Stinky, one of the most ruthless and feared pirates. Meanwhile, down on land, Judy is being teased by her friend's for not being interested in boys. Next thing she knows, Gary is trying to steal some jewels from her. She decides she will pay him with the jewels if he will take her to Pirate Cove. They have a fun little bit of adventure and romance. Simple and rather dull story. Boys will be greatly disappointed if they grab this graphic novel as it is more of a silly romantic adventure than a swashbuckling pirate tale. The art was not thrilling either. The panels and layout were boring and the color choices too monochromatic and pastel. I have enjoyed many of Sava's graphic novels, but not this one.

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