Tuesday, December 22, 2009


by Graham McNamee
young adult thriller/mystery
210 pages
New York : Wendy Lamb Books, 2003

     Duncan is 17-years-old and spending the summer slaving away in the depths of the Toronto subway system. His father helped him get the exciting job in the Lost & Found Department. Let's just say it is not his dream job! His co-worker/supervisor is a cranky old man who never talks unless absolutely necessary. The shelves are overflowing with years of accumulated junk and dust. Duncan spends a lot of time sorting and organizing, but he finds time to browse some of the books that have made their way underground. One day he finds a little leather book, no title, no name, just a handwritten journal of strange experiments and even stranger thoughts. Duncan is disgusted yet fascinated that such a deranged person was wandering around his city streets somewhere. Duncan can't seem to stop reading the record of stalkings and descriptions of intended victims. You would think it be easy to just turn the book into the police and let them deal with it and figure out who the sick mastermind is behind it. Maybe that isn't the best option for Duncan. So he takes it upon himself to track down the serial killer, hoping it isn't too late.
     Acceleration is rather a dark and dreary read. Yet Duncan is a likable character who has had a bit of a rough time the past few years. This book is not overly violent or explicit. There are a few suggestive comments and mild language. Not a fabulous must-read, but interesting.

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