Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cat O'Nine Tails

Cat O'Nine Tails
Cat Royal Adventure: Book Four
by Julia Golding
373 pages
juvenile/teen historical adventure
New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2009

Cat Royal returns in another exciting, non-stop adventure. Having been exiled from Drury Lane she has taken up residence with her wealthy friends in the country. She is bored, bored, bored with all the sitting around expected of young girls in society. Of course, Cat is never long without mischief and mayhem. She enlists the help of Frank and Pedro to track down Syd who has disappeared. They quickly learn he was caught by a press gang of the British Navy and is serving on board a ship. I am sure you are not surprised to find out that Cat and her friends get caught and forced aboard a ship as well. Where will Cat end up this time? Or has she finally gotten herself stuck in a situation there is no escaping from? If you haven't read the Cat Royal series, please do so. They are fun historical adventures with a fabulous fiery redhead as the main character. Hints of romance abound in these books. Do you think she will end up with Frank? Syd? Billy?

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