Monday, October 12, 2009

Recipe 4 Robbery

Recipe 4 Robbery
Marybeth Kelsey
282 pages
Juvenile Fiction
Lindy is so thrilled to be helping her mother with the annual Cucumber Festival preparation. She tries to escape with her best friend but gets roped into sampling a lovely dish of stewed cucumbers made by Granny Goose.While choking them down and pretending to like them she finds a gold locket swimming in the muck. A pesky boy from her class informs her that it must be part of the loot that was stolen from the home in the neighborhood. This wealthy family had sponsored a food class at their home only to discover several priceless items stolen shortly after. Granny Goose is a bit of an eccentric. She operates an animal rescue clinic in her own backyard. She has everything from a three-legged croc to a goose named Pickles that follows her around wherever she goes. The evidence seems to point to her as the thief but the kids don't believe it. Someone must be trying to frame Granny Goose. Their investigation begins and the suspect list grows long. Will the trio figure out who the thief is before Granny's goose gets cooked?
Recipe 4 Robbery will lead kids on a fun and silly goose chase as they try to figure out who the real thief is! Not a fabulous book by any means, but definitely entertaining to a degree. Should find popularity with 4th and 5th grade girls. Boys might like it too, but the main character is a girl and that does typically turn a lot of boys that age off a book.

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