Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. and Miss Anonymous

Mr. and Miss Anonymous
Fern Michaels
293 pages
New York : Kensington Books, c2009

Pete and Lily both paid for their final year of college by donating their sperm and eggs respectively. They met one time at the clinic and then never saw each other again. However, they both became very wealthy business owners who never got married. They were pining away for each other and didn't even realize it until their paths crossed yet again in the airport. Lily and Pete were both traveling to their alma mater for an important fund raiser. As they got reacquainted in the airport they saw some horrible news on the television. A shooting at a California group home hit close to home when one of the survivors was a young boy who looked exactly like Pete. He knew in his gut that the boy was his from his donation to the fertility clinic years ago. Pete and Lily with their unlimited funds behind them set off on a search to find the boy, discover the owners of the school and fertility clinic and to find their own true love they had neglected all these years.
Never will I read another Fern Michaels book. I was intrigued by the storyline, and that is the only reason I read the whole book. Even then, the story could have been so much better and more exciting. The romance was weak and cheesy. The characters were either boring or they were so overdone (Tessie Dancer the reporter) that it was bothersome and I felt nothing for any of the characters. I don't know if the author typically tries to write thrillers, but it didn't work in this case. If you are looking for a novel with action, suspense, and romance, then read Iris Johansen or Kay Hooper.

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Raspberry said...

It sounds cheesy! I mean...he knew in his gut it was his?! uhhhhhhhhh.