Tuesday, August 18, 2009


by Aprilynne Pike
290 pages
young adult
New York : HarperTeen, 2009

Laurel is questioning her mother's wisdom in sending her to public school for the first time at age fifteen. If homeschooling was good enough so far, why can't they continue? Then she meets David and his group of friends. Instantly welcomed into their crowd she decides school isn't so bad after all. Then a bump starts growing on her back. As it gets larger she keeps it hidden from everyone, desperately hoping it is nothing serious. Then one morning out pops a large and beautiful flower. The fragrant blossom resembles wings. Her first instinct is to hide them and then to confide in someone. Her budding back leads her to a whole new perception of herself as well as those around her. Pike has written an intriguing novel with action as well as romance.

"Wings" was a very pleasant surprise for me. The book was due and had a waiting list a mile long. I decided to give it my 20-page test (if I am not grabbed in the first 20-pages of a book I just turn it in - only if I can't renew). Obviously, it passed the test. I was a fan of Laurel from the moment I met her. Even then, I feared disappointment as I have read several "fairy" books recently and wasn't sure I was ready for another one. While "Wings" has the typical storyline of "human girl finds out she is fairy and that results in a love triangle with her and a human boy and a fairy boy", Pike has added some unique twists all her own. Now I just have to wait until next May for part two of this four-part series.

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