Thursday, August 27, 2009

life on the refrigerator door

life on the refrigerator door
by alice kuipers
220 pages
adult fiction
New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c2007

Claire is a busy teenager, filling her time with friends, boys, shopping and homework. Her mother has the typically erratic schedule of a doctor, out delivering babies at the hospital at all hours. The two are rarely home at the same time, so they communicate mainly by leaving notes on the refrigerator door. This is fine for the mundane things like grocery lists and chores to do, but it makes things a little awkward when life starts to throw obstacles in their path. However, both mother and daughter are so accustomed to this form of communication they use it to ask the really tough questions and to give the even tougher answers.

If you are interested in a fast yet touching read, this is the book for you. The whole novel consists of the notes that are left on the refrigerator door. You might think this wouldn't be enough to build character and tension, yet it definitely is. This was interesting to read in today's world where everyone over the age of 10 seems to have a cell phone. You would think that most parents and children would communicate similarly through cell calls or texting. Apparently this mother, despite being a doctor, did not have a cell phone. (I can only assume she had a pager)!

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