Tuesday, August 18, 2009


by Robin Wasserman
Chasing Yesterday #1
young adult
207 pages
New York : Scholastic Inc., c2007

J. D., short for Jane Doe, doesn't have a clue who she is or where she came from. All she knows is she is not safe and she hears voices that tell her to do things that aren't very nice. When a woman shows up claiming to be her mother she is happy, hoping that a return to normal life might make awaken her memories. Her nightmares get in the way. She soon learns she can't trust anyone, even herself. She has to wonder if she really wants to remember her life before she was found on the sidewalk or can she just become J. D. for good. A new personality, a new life, sounds good to her! But can she escape her apparent super powers and avoid whoever is trying to control her?
An interesting, though not exceptional, new series. I will definitely read the rest of the series if I can convince our teen department to order them.

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