Monday, July 13, 2009

ripple effect

ripple effect
time thriller trilogy: Book One
by Paul McCusker
204 pages
Zondervan 2008

Elizabeth lives in Fawlt Line, a strange little town she describes as "Mayberry trapped in the Twilight Zone". And that was before things started getting really weird. She planned to runaway because she was embarrassed by her parents and sick of living in her town. As she is lying in her bathtub making her final escape plans the bathtub fills with dirty water and leaves. Creeped out by this she gets out of the tub and finds herself in a twisted version of her normal life. She is now living the life of another girl. She has no idea how she got here or how to wake up from this dream, because surely it has to be a dream. Of all the people she is meeting in this new life, is there anyone she can trust?
An interesting book that of course has me anxious to read the rest of the trilogy. The paradox of time is always cause for a headache if you think about it too much. The author gives us yet another "what if" scenario involving time and alternate realities. This story relies on a lot of coincidences which are attributed to the "secret workings of God". If you have ever wondered at the whole deja-vu thing, read ripple effect and you will have a possible explanation for it.

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