Friday, June 12, 2009


by Isobelle Carmody
246 pages
young adult
New York : Tor, 2000, c 1987

Elspeth is declared a Misfit and sent to the mysterious Obernewtyn. The master of the place is experimenting on Misfits using some "Before-times" technology. He is trying to use the mental powers of the Misfits to discover the hidden location of the machine that caused The Great White and nearly destroyed the Earth. There are other groups hiding in the high mountains that are interested in the terrible machine. They desire to find it and use it to overthrow the current government. The Council rules everything in a strange partnership with the Herders. Both groups are unsure what to do with Misfits other than send them to labor camps or burn them as Seditioners.

This is an older series that I have just recently discovered. The Provo library only has the first one so I am having to use inter-library loan for the others. It was destined to intrigue me from the beginning as most post-apocalyptic novels do. The characters are well-done, you either love them or hate them. If you like young adult post-apocalyptic novels, then be sure to hunt down this one and give it a try.

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