Monday, June 29, 2009

High Country

High Country
by Jennie Hansen
231 pages

LDS Fiction/Romance
American Fork, UT : Covenant Communications, 2009

Laura was raised by her ailing mother and actively anti-Mormon great-aunt. She was home-schooled by the aunt and led a very sheltered life. At the age of 15, her mother died and her father came to take her home with him. A dreadful accident killed her father and nearly took Laura's life. Her aunt reclaimed her and Laura regained her strength, though not her memories. Eight years later, Aunt Alice has died and Laura and her cousin Bruce are left to sort through all the paperwork in the house. Laura discovered that she had inherited a large ranch in Idaho from her father and that she was married! Laura and Bruce head to Idaho to claim her inheritance and to find out the truth of a marriage she didn't even remember.

I decided to review this book on my blog not because I loved it or necessarily recommend it to anyone. It is here purely for the novelty of me reading an LDS fiction novel, and a romance at that! Definitely not my normal choice of reading material. I can't even say for sure why I chose this book. I believe I read about it somewhere and thought the story sounded interesting. It was an interesting story, though rather unbelievable in some parts. The main characters were okay, but annoying. A certain amount of cheesiness is expected in any romance novel and this was no exception. However, if you want a clean romance with an interesting plot, then read this book. Oh yeah, it was a fast read too which is probably the only reason I read the whole thing.

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Raspberry said...

I agree - I am NOT a fan of LDS fiction. Ugh. But sometimes it's the only thing we've got around at my parents house and I'm dying to read. I have learned to bring 2 more books than I thought I'd read when we go on vacation. :)
I believe I've read two of her books...she's still pretty awful, but she's actually one of the better ones as far as plot goes.