Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bar Code Rebellion

The Bar Code Rebellion
by Suzanne Weyn
265 pages
New York : Scholastic, c2006

This is the sequel to The Bar Code Tattoo, which I strongly recommend reading first. Kayla Reed is a 17-year-old outlaw fighting against the now mandatory bar code tattoo. The bar code stores all the information necessary to living as part of society: driver's license, bank accounts, health information, etc.... All who rebel are sought by Global-1, the mega-corporation behind the tattoos. For some unknown reason, Kayla is more intensely hunted than others. Kayla along with other members of the resistance not only fight for their rights and avoid the tattoo, they also are searching to find the hidden background to the tattoo and Global-1.
A fun duo of books for teen readers. Some mild romance and violence but nothing offensive. Parts of the story are predictable and other parts are rather boring when they describe all the genetic research. I enjoyed the books because I love pretty much any fictional future book out there.

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Raspberry said...

I've been wanting to read the first one - our library just takes forever to get new books, and plus they only ever get ONE of stuff. ugh.